AFRICAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE TOP CAM MOMENTSStep into a world of raw emotion and unbridled passion as we rewind to the unforgettable moments when Mamelodi Sundowns secured victory in the inaugural African Football League. In this exclusive photo essay, witness the essence of triumph etched on the faces of our players, the jubilations that echoed through the stadium, and the unspoken camaraderie that defines the Sundowns family.On the Pitch CelebrationsA triumphant sea of yellow, as Sundowns players celebrate the sweet taste of victoryThe first of many to come. (Lifting the trophy)Elation captured in a single frame - Sundowns players savouring the moment, etching memories in the turf.Emotional EmbracesAmidst the celebration, a quiet moment of gratitude - the heart of Sundowns, embraced.More than just football, it's life. Embraces that tell stories beyond the final whistle.Tears of joy, shared victories - capturing the essence of the Sundowns family.Individual Award WinnersThapelo Maseko stands tall, individual glory in hand—a symbol of personal triumph within the collective win.Ronwen Williams, the guardian of goals, holds his accolade—proof of dedication and prowess.