FESTIVE DIVE INTO THE LIFESTYLES OF MASANDAWANA LADIES' TEAM PLAYERSThe joyous spirit of the festive season has reached the hearts of our beloved Masandawana Ladies' Team players, providing a unique opportunity to learn more about their holiday traditions and cherished moments. Let's unwrap the festive plans of Chuene Morifi and Lehlohonolo Mashigo as they share their celebrations with us.Chuene Morifi:
Embracing the Gift of Giving
As the season of giving unfolds, Chuene Morifi is spreading festive cheer through thoughtful gifts for her loved ones. In the true spirit of togetherness, she plans to take her siblings, mom, and nephew on a special Christmas shopping spree. The joy of seeing smiles light up their faces is a gift in itself, making the season all the more magical.

I will be taking my siblings, my mom, and nephew for Christmas shopping.

Maintaining the same winning mentality she carries on the football field, Chuene ensures that her festive indulgences stay on a healthy track. While embracing the delights of the season, she keeps a watchful eye on her meals, looking to maintain discipline and commitment that defines her both on and off the pitch. - The meal routine doesn't change, but the training changes because I do a lot of injury prevention exercises and spend a lot of time in the gym. I do monitor my meals and try to eat healthy.

While the festive season ushers in a break from regular training routines Chuene maintains her commitment to staying fit and healthy. A dedication to both festive merriment and athletic excellence showcases the resilience and determination of our Masandawana Women's Team players.
Lehlogonolo Mashigo:
Rest, Family, and Festive Traditions
For Lehlogonolo Mashigo, the festive season is a well-deserved break after a demanding yet rewarding year. She eagerly anticipates spending precious moments with family, allowing herself the luxury of rest and tender loving care. In the midst of the festive hustle, she envisions unwinding and rejuvenating her body, acknowledging the importance of self-care during this joyful period.

I am looking forward to spending time with my family after such a hectic but rewarding season and resting and giving my body the TLC (Tender Love and Care) it deserves.

Lehlogonolo's favourite festive companions include her partner and the delightful chaos created by her nieces and nephews, as she describes in her own words, “those little people are fun.” Their youthful energy injects an extra dose of fun into the holiday season, creating cherished memories that resonate with the warmth of family and togetherness.

As for festive traditions, Lehlogonolo shares her love for cooking with family and embarking on a festive journey of restaurant hopping. These rituals bring the joy of shared meals and culinary adventures, forming the heartwarming tapestry of her festive celebrations.