THE 12THMANAs we say goodbye to a great year, we want to give a special shoutout to our wonderful fans - the true heroes and MVPs of Mamelodi Sundowns. Whether you're cheering in the stadium, supporting us online, or travelling far and wide for our games, you make a huge difference.

Your support is like music in the stadium, turning every game into a celebration. It's not just about cheering when we win; it's about sticking with us through thick and thin, defending our team online, and sharing the joy of every goal.

So, here's a big thank you to you - the heartbeat of Sundowns, the champions in the stands, and the real heroes of an awesome 2023. We appreciate you being our biggest supporters, helping us reach new heights.
Ronwen Williams on the supporters
“In the AFL final, the supporters gave us that energy and excitement from start to finish and they were excellent with the drumming. They must keep supporting us because they give us so much energy to get over the line, both in the good and the bad moments. Thanks to the supporters for all the energy they provided.”