As the globe celebrated International Day Of Education on the 24th of January, the Mamelodi Sundowns Digital Magazine crew sat down with one of the Upskillist alumni, Sabelo Hlongwane who registered to study after the collaboration between Mamelodi Sundowns and Upskillist.

When Sabelo heard of the Upskillist programme, he decided to register for a Diploma in Photography, as a way to boost his Curriculum Vitae.

“I follow Mamelodi Sundowns in all their social media platforms. There was a post about the Upskillist programme, so I decided to sign up and explore my options. What motivated me to sign up was the fact that it‘s free and I didn’t want to let the opportunity pass me by,” Sabelo said enthusiastically.

“I studied a Diploma in Photography. I learned a lot from the programme, especially how to shoot and edit pictures. The course will add a lot of value in my qualifications. I would like to start my own business, so with such a qualification it’s going to be easy to get funding,” he continued.
Sabelo Hlongwane is a Mamelodi Sundowns supporter and flag bearer who was introduced to football and the Club at a tender age and has been a loyal member ever since.

“My love for Mamelodi Sundowns began around the age of four when my late uncle introduced me to the Club. By the time he passed away my passion and love grew because I wanted to make him proud and show that my love for the Club was very much still present,” said Sabelo.

Hlongwane, like any other Masandawana flag bearer, had to go through a selection process in order for him to take on the role. The criteria needed one to be a supporter that is part of a Branch, as well as attend as many matches as they can. Hlongwane spoke on how it feels to be a supporter and flag bearer for the Club.

“To be honest, it’s a dream come true. I’m working closer to my favourite players and even get to speak to them. The fact that I’m working for Mamelodi Sundowns is even a privilege. Being a Mamelodi Sundowns supporter is amazing. My favourite part is when we sing and play the drum. Knowing that we are doing this for our enjoyment as supporters and for the players when they are playing is very special,” Sabelo continued.
MSFC flag bearer and Upskillist alumni, Sabelo HlongwaneThere are thousands of other courses that are available on the Upskillist program, granting people with distinguished interests to have options when it comes to registering for a course. There is a suitable course for every person.

The effervescent supporter stated other courses he would consider studying from the Upskillist programme. He further encouraged others to grab the opportunity, as he did.
“I intend to also study graphic design because I’m more of person who enjoys technology and graphics. Getting to learn how to programme applications would make it more fun for me. I would like to say that receiving education is a privilege and everyone should grab the opportunity with both hands. It will definitely open doors for you. It is even better that the Upskillist courses are recognised internationally. I don’t regret registering for my Photography Diploma,” Sabelo stated in conclusion.