1.What is your favourite movie and /or series?
It has to be the 2014 American movie - Equalizer
2.Who is your favourite actor and /or actress?
Denzel Washington. I like him because he is a motivator and an inspiration.
3.What is your go to movie?
I love Armageddon. That movie is too much
4.What scene in a movie or series made you fall in love with that particular movie or series?
In the movie Equalizer, when the young girl asked Denzel Washington if he broke his wife's heart, he replied with: “No, she broke mine by dying.”
5.DC or Marvel?
6.What movie do you think is underrated?
'Tears of the Sun' which starred Bruce Willis, I love it!
7.With all the upcoming movies, which movie are you most looking forward to? (mention the upcoming movies)
'Fast and Furious 9'
8.If were to host a group of friends (guys) for movies, what is the first movie you would play for them?
I would play 'Armageddon' and I would invite Lyle Lakay, Rivaldo Coetzee, Haashim Domingo and Andile Jali.
9.Name of the last movie you watched?
'Greenland', which featured Gerard Butler. It’s a nice movie.