A Festive Journey with Coach Rulani Mokwena:
Memories, Meals, and Melodies
As the joyous Christmas season unfolds, we sat down with Coach Rulani Mokwena to unravel the essence of this special time of year. The coach, reflecting on cherished memories and festive traditions, painted a vivid picture of his Christmas, revealing the significance of meals and melodies that make this season uniquely personal."Unfortunately, this Christmas will be one of the few since my grandmother passed away. Normally, we have a family get-together, and though she won't be with us, her spirit lives on. She used to cook for us, and there would always be umngqusho, dumplings, turkey, and oxtail. It's a feast, and you have to choose, eat until your stomach is full. We'd lay on the couch, watch football, and indulge in pudding. My favourite dessert is custard and jelly with tennis biscuits and mint—a special treat reserved only for Christmas. For me, my mom and grandma cooked the best Christmas meals."

Coach Rulani's nostalgia for the family gatherings and the unique flavours that defined his Christmases takes on a deeper hue this year, resonating with the absence of his grandmother. The void left by her passing adds a bittersweet note to the festive narrative, emphasising the importance of family and the enduring spirit of those who shaped these cherished traditions.
What are your top five songs of 2023?
"The thing is, I listen to different genres—gospel, R&B, a bit of hip-hop, and even amapiano, though I'm not a piano person, to be honest."

"iPlan" - Dlala Thukzin, Sykes, and Zaba.
"Noma Kunzima" - Caiiro Ft Kekelingo (potential to be a classic).
"Awukhuzeki" - DJ Stokie, Omit ST, Sobzeen, Zee_nhle.
"Yes God" - Oscar Mbo, C-Blak, KG Smallz, Dearson (Song of the Year).
"Tsamaya Robala" - KillerMix.
Why Oscar Mbo for Song of the Year?
"Well, I like Oscar Mbo as a person, and my vote goes to him because 'Yes God' is a powerful song, and I like the message it carries."
If you were to choose a gospel song for your achievements this year, what would it be?
"There's a powerful song by Ntokozo Ngongoma called 'Khay' Elihle Khaya Lami.' It speaks to my soul. Another one I play before every match is 'Umbidesho' by Joyous Celebration. It gives me hope that God is always with us every step of the way."

"Khay' Elihle Khaya Lami" - Ntokozo Ngongoma.
"Umbhedesho" - Joyous Celebration
As we learn Coach Rulani Mokwena's Christmas sentiments, his personal touch adds warmth and authenticity to the festive season. Through meals that carry the essence of family and melodies that resonate with the soul, Coach Rulani's Christmas is a celebration of memories, family, flavours, and the profound joy of the season.
In the spirit of the festive season, Coach Rulani wishes the Sundowns Family a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2024 and urges everyone to embrace the joy that comes with the melody of the holidays. From the Gaffer to the Yellow Nation, here's to a Wonderful Festive filled with love, laughter, and the magic of Sundowns.