A Tribute
to a 
Sundowns Stalwart 
Alex ‘Goldfinger’ Shakoane 
Alex ‘Goldfinger’ Shakoane’s charismatic support for Masandawana will forever be missed© Gavin BarkerAuthor: Zola DodaMamelodi Sundowns legends, Roger Feutmba and Daniel Mudau, paid tribute to the late PRO, Alex Shakoane, who passed away in May. The two players, who were part of the Sundowns team that won three League titles in a row, open up about the role played by Shakoane and his immense contribution to the club.In the realm of football, not every legend is a distant myth, a folk tale whispered through the generations. Some legends walk amongst us, flesh and blood, their invincible spirits carving out a stage for others to shine. Alex Shakoane was one such legend, whose name echoes through the halls of Mamelodi Sundowns and beyond. His journey was not one born from destiny's whims, but rather a path built with unyielding resolve and passion. For legends like him are not simply born; they are meticulously crafted, fortified by determination and sweat, their minds sharpened with unwavering vision, and their souls painted with the colors of victory. This is the story of greatness, a legacy immortalized in gold by a mere mortal.

It’s been over two months since the passing of former Mamelodi Sundowns official,  Alex Shakoane, whose departure has left a void that can never truly be filled. As we celebrate his life and indelible contributions to South African football, we find solace in the memories that will forever ignite the flame of his legacy. Alex Shakoane exuded a love for the game that was infectious, a passion that spread like wildfire among supporters and media alike. ‘Goldfinger’ as he was affectionately known, had a good relationship with Mamelodi Sundowns supporters, staff, players and everyone associated with the club. It wasn’t just his charismatic personality and the ability to ignite excitement before matches that endeared him to everyone associated with Mamelodi Sundowns—it was also his role as a father figure within the dressing room, making every player feel at home.
Alex Shakoane during an interview for MTN8© Muzi NtombelaFor those who had the privilege of crossing paths with this legendary figure, the memories linger like a bittersweet symphony. Former Cameroon international who joined Masandawana in 1995 from Belgium club Kortrijk, Roger Feutmba, recalls their first meeting, which marked the beginning of a profound friendship lasting over two decades. Feutmba remembers the day vividly like it was yesterday. “Of course, I will never forget that day because it was the beginning of my relationship with Bra Alex which lasted for more than twenty years,” says Feutmba.

It was in 1995 after I came to South Africa with the Cameroon national team to play the Four Nations Cup tournament which was hosted by Bafana Bafana. After that I signed for Sundowns in January 1995 and we became very close friends. We developed a good relationship and I treated him like a big brother. He was always there when I needed him and he made sure that I was OK all the time,” the former player expressed.
Bra Alex's love for all players, regardless of their stature, was truly unparalleled. He treated each one like they belonged, fostering a sense of unity and belonging that epitomized the spirit of Mamelodi Sundowns. Fuetmba recalls, “he was friendly with all the players – Raphael Chukwu had a good relationship with him, Mambush [Daniel Mudau] had a good relationship with him – he was friendly with everyone. Bra Alex treated youngsters the same way he treated senior players because he wanted all the players to know that they belong to Mamelodi Sundowns.

Feutmba recounts how Bra Alex was a human encyclopaedia for knowledge of the club's history, a treasure trove for those seeking to understand its roots and anything Masandawana related. “And if you wanted to know the history of Mamelodi Sundowns you had to go to Alex – he was the go-to person. He was with the club from its formative years and knew everything about this club since the day it was established and there is no person – alive today, who knows Mamelodi Sundowns’ intricate details better than Alex Shakoane. He was a big brother and his passing is a great loss to current and former players, supporters and the club.
Trott Moloto, Dr Patrice Motsepe and Alex Shakoane at the 2019 Telkom Knockout Final© Samuel ShivambuAfter retiring from playing, Feutmba was appointed as the Mamelodi Sundowns caretaker coach in 2002 following the departure of Djalma Calvacante. The former midfielder says the late Sundowns official supported him during his time in the dugout. “After I took over as the caretaker coach, Bra Alex was always there to give his support and advice. He was always there acting as a big brother. Sometimes we used to talk on the phone for hours just to discuss life in general and other things. I will always miss him because he is my big brother.

Alex Shakoane, with a deep understanding of the very essence of Mamelodi Sundowns, breathed life into the ethos that made the club a true family. His unwavering dedication paved the way for legends to find a forever home within the Sundowns family, even after their playing days came to a close. He knew that a family's strength lies not only in the moments of triumph but also in how they embrace their own, even after the final whistle has blown.

Goldfinger’s spirit of camaraderie and love for every player ensured that the Mamelodi Sundowns family became an everlasting beacon of unity, loyalty, and love, where the bonds forged on the field endure for generations to come. Just like Feutmba, such is the story of Daniel ‘Mambush’ Mudau who found Shakoane at Sundowns when he joined the club. Mudau, a legend too, made 390 appearances scoring 172 goals in all competitions. The 54-year-old shared his memories of the late Shakoane.
Players wearing shirts in memory of Alex Shakoane© Muzi NtombelaI have lots of memories but the one which stands out for me is when Bra Alex told me that if I score, I must come to the corner flag to celebrate with him, otherwise I won’t get Chicken, Chips and Pap,” recalls Mudau. But beyond the light-hearted moments, Mudau will forever be grateful for the countless lessons Bra Alex imparted. The former striker recollects the moment Dr. Patrice Motsepe took over as the club's President. Mambush remembers how Bra Alex believed in him, taking him from the field where he wore shorts and boots to wearing ties and suits- a preparation for the journey ahead.

For Mudau, Shakoane’s impact on his life goes beyond the football field; for he was a mentor; a father figure who cared deeply for those around him. In Mudau’s words, “Bra Alex had welcomed every employer at the club to make them feel at home.” His charisma radiated like a warm embrace, making him a cherished figure not just among the players but also in the hearts of every community member. According to Mudau, Bra Alex was a man of his word, punctuality and loyalty ingrained in his very being. When he said a meeting was at 08h00, you'd find him there an hour before, ready to lead with wisdom and integrity.
When it's all said and done the great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it. Such was the Life of Bra Alex Goldfinger Shakaone. As the hearts of Masandawana family and the nation at large continue to ache with the void left by his passing. Let us find comfort in knowing that his legacy lives on through the countless lives he touched and shaped.
Bra Alex, your wisdom, your love, and your laughter will forever echo in our hearts. May your soul rest in power, and may we carry the torch of your teachings as we continue our journey, forever inspired by your remarkable spirit. From the Masandawana Family, Thank you, ‘Bra Alex,’ for the gift of your presence; your imprint on Mamelodi Sundowns and the footballing world will never fade. You fought a good fight, finished your race and kept the faith. The onus is on us to carry the baton.