© Sundowns MediaAuthor: Kamokgelo MalingaWith the break of dawn, South Africa is blessed with the soul-stirring voice of a true maestro, DJ Sabby, the magnetic host of Metro FM's cherished morning breakfast show. Like a symphony conductor of positivity, he takes on the extraordinary task of setting the day's tone, inspiring a nation to wake up with joy in their hearts and a spring in their step. With unwavering dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence, he crafts each morning show on Metro FM to be nothing short of extraordinary. As his voice touches the airwaves, it resonates with the promise that every sunrise brings an opportunity for greatness and a chance to shine like never before. But beyond the studio lights and the mesmerizing beats, there's an extraordinary passion that fuels this multi-faceted personality. Hailing from the vibrant province of KwaZulu Natal Sabelo Mtshali better known as ‘DJ Sabby’ has carved his name in the chronicles of South African media entertainment. With a journey that began at the young age of 14, he has become an award-winning radio DJ, a skilled musician, and a familiar face on TV. Far from that part of his life, there's a deeper connection that stirs DJ Sabby's soul. A lifelong love affair with football, rooted in his childhood days, has found its home in the heart of this remarkable man. From kicking the ball around as a boy to embracing the electric atmosphere of football matches with his father, a yellow-blooded and unwavering fan, in the spirited 90s, he found himself drawn to the undeniable allure of Mamelodi Sundowns.

So, while he sets dance floors on fire with his beats, his heart beats in sync with the rhythm of the yellow drum. DJ Sabby is more than just an entertainment icon; he's a devoted supporter of Mamelodi Sundowns, wearing their colors with pride and passion. In the world of DJ Sabby, the mantra is simple yet powerful: "Best or nothing." Just like his beloved Mamelodi Sundowns on the football field, DJ Sabby approaches each moment with a winning spirit, bringing the best in music, entertainment, and motivation to his audience. For him, there's no room for mediocrity; it's all about delivering the best, each and every day. I guess it is a genetic predisposition flowing in the Masandawana family bloodline!
The Mamelodi Sundowns Digital Magazine team sat down with the man, the myth, the legend, DJ Sabby, to get to know more about his unyielding support for the club and being a Sandawana. we must say, his voice and energy are as enchanting in real life as on radio. What drew you to become a Sandawana? Was it a specific player, a memorable match, or something else?
My late dad was a staunch Sundowns supporter; God bless his soul. Looking back, what drew me to join the Yellow Nation was the Rothmans Cup final in 1998 where Mamelodi Sundowns played Kaizer Chiefs. I felt like the referee cheated us on the day. After that game my father was very disappointed but it was an iconic game of football. Ted Dumitru was coach at the time during the same era of amazing talents such as Daniel ‘Mambush’ Mudau and Alex Bapela. That game brought in a lot of interest and I’ve never looked back ever since that day.
Have you had the opportunity to meet any players and what was your most memorable experience?
I wouldn’t say I’ve officially met the players, but I’m always following the team, flying the yellow flag and showing them love where and when I can. During my time at YFM, I would always echo my support for Masandawana. When I moved to Metro FM, I continued voicing my love for the Brazilians and felt that’s when I got closer to the club. My most memorable experience was when I was recently invited to a tour of the Home of Champions at Chloorkop. It was beautiful to witness where the magic we see, week in and week out, is orchestrated and engineered.
© Sundowns MediaHlompho Kekana handing over gifts to the 'Best Mornings' Team on Metro FM What is your most cherished football-related memory or moment as a Mamelodi Sundowns Supporter?
Winning the league consecutively will always be memorable, it is proof that we are putting in the work and we’re setting the bar high every season. I mean, six times in a row is just crazy! Every season we’re able to challenge ourselves and it's exciting because we’ve just been bagging the title back-to-back. The fact that we are the most crowned Premier Soccer League (PSL) Champions, as a supporter, it means the world and showcases how esteemed the club is.
In your opinion, what sets Mamelodi Sundowns apart from other clubs and what makes it special to you?
The team always carries itself in the highest regard and I admire how we elevate the game. I extend my kudos to the Chairman for ensuring the well-being of everyone at the club. People say we don’t make it easy for other teams to compete with us, but I think the whole point is to not make it easy at all. Hailing from Kwa-Zulu Natal, many find it peculiar that my allegiance lies with a Pretoria team. However, I firmly believe that Sundowns is the team that resonates with me on a deeper level.
Who are your favourite ladies' team players and why?
Rhoda Mulaudzi and Salome Kekana. Having had the incredible opportunity to meet them, I find them to be truly remarkable and cool individuals. I would love to meet more of the ladies' team players and get to know them.
What is your most memorable goal of all time by a Sundowns player?
I vividly recall the thrilling match against Kaizer Chiefs when magic unfolded on the field. It was Teko Modise, the maestro himself, who left us all in awe with an extraordinary goal right from the centre line.
If you were given the chance to create a playlist for the players to listen to before a big match, which 3 songs would you include?
● Daft Punk - One more time
● Tyler ICU ft Tumelo za, Nandipha808 & Ceeka RSA - Mnike
● Nipsey Hussle - Grinding All My Life
As a DJ, how important do you think music is for players and for enhancing the supporter experience during football matches?
I think music plays a huge role outside the game itself. When players are jogging, or training, music can give them the ability to centre themselves, realign, and focus. There is also a lifestyle element where music and the game create an amazing circle that enables them to coexist at the matches.
In parting, the media personality poignantly shared his profound admiration for sports. To him, it is more than just a game; it's a unifying force that transcends differences. He believes that when people come together to watch sports, there is a magical moment of unity, an enchanting connection that binds them as one. He passionately expressed, "That is why I have always felt that sports carries the essence of what I wish we could all carry as humans – a genuine desire to know and understand one another."

In addition to his deep passion for music and football, DJ Sabby's life is an enthralling narrative of unwavering commitment and loyalty. As he charts his course as an entertainment powerhouse, he remains firmly anchored by his unyielding love for Mamelodi Sundowns and the melodies that resonate with his very soul.
As the final track plays and the last whistle blows, DJ Sabby hopes that his love for Masandawana and music inspires supporters to dance to the rhythm of victory this season
DJ Sabby’s Starting XI
Ronwen Williams
Themba Zwane
Cassius Mailula
Peter Shalulile
Gaston Sirino
Sphelele Mkhulise
Neo Maema
Bongani Zungu
Grant Kekana
Sipho Mbule
Khuliso Mudau
Mothobi Mvala
Thabiso Kutumela