Author: Erica MathyeAt the beginning of the 2023/24 Season, Mamelodi Sundowns opened its doors for the second intake of interns as part of the successful Live Limitless Internship Program which was first launched in 2022.
Designed to empower young people with valuable skills, the program provided internship opportunities to five new individuals in August 2023. The interns gained firsthand experience working for one of Africa's top football clubs.

The key factor behind Mamelodi Sundowns launching this concept is that it serves as a long-term tool to combat one of the biggest problems our youth face, which is unemployment, by offering internships.

Stepping onto the fresh manicured hybrid ground of the African Giants is a dream come true for any sports enthusiast or professional. Hearing the beat of the drum and the echo of the voices of the Yellow Nation chanting ‘haka matorokisi’ and ‘we love you’ at the end of the match – no matter the result – is a feeling that can’t be described in words.

From witnessing Bafana Ba Style lift silverware this season, to working behind the scenes in their respective departments, these interns witnessed some of the ingredients behind the Club’s success: ubuntu, hard work, dedication, strong will, teamwork and camaraderie.
LONWABO MAKHALUZA - MARKETING INTERNMusic composer, creator and lover of sports. From West Rand, with love.
“My internship at Mamelodi Sundowns was an incredible journey, like a rollercoaster ride at Gold Reef City. Whilst I had to quickly adjust to the work demands, it was an incredible learning experience. Working in the marketing department enabled me to gain valuable skills in building brand awareness, managing partnerships and sales through the pop-up store at matches. Beyond the work, becoming part of the Yellow Nation and celebrating victories with the supporters was truly unforgettable."

"Despite the demands of my role, I felt a bigger connection with the Yellow Nation at large. I fell in love with attending games, always joining the supporters and singing to the beat of the drums. Celebrating the African Football League and the DStv Premier League win in style made me feel like an African Champion by association!"
“When I joined Mamelodi Sundowns as a Graphic Design intern, my primary goal was to contribute creatively to one of the leading football Clubs in South Africa while enhancing my skills in a professional sports environment. I aimed to create visually compelling graphics that would engage and excite our supporters across various platforms.”

“During my time here, I had the privilege of working closely with the marketing and social media teams. This collaboration allowed me to design a wide range of content, from matchday graphics and promotional materials to social media campaigns and fan engagement visuals. One of the highlights was working on the design elements for Mamelodi Sundowns membership card.”

“The experience has been incredibly rewarding. I've not only sharpened my technical skills, but also gained valuable insights into how design intersects with sports marketing. Being part of a dynamic and passionate team at Mamelodi Sundowns has been inspiring and has significantly enriched my professional journey.”
DELISIWE SELOWA - SOCIAL MEDIA INTERNThe tale of Mamelodi Sundowns pushes me beyond my limits, where authenticity meets football.
“Firstly, I would like to thank the Club for allowing me to explore the sports industry as a content creator. I would also like to thank my mentors for always pushing me and seeing the best in me. They always took their time to remind me that I am talented.”

"I would also like to extend my gratitude to the Supporters Department. Their encouragement allowed me to truly explore my creativity and embrace my personality. The opportunity to MC/anchor certain activations was a huge confidence booster, and I'm incredibly grateful for their support."

"Both the Ladies Team and the Men’s Team deserve my sincere gratitude. They welcomed me with open arms and went above and beyond to make me feel like part of the Mamelodi Sundowns family. This sense of belonging significantly impacted me, pushing me to become a better version of myself."

“My highlight would be being trusted to shoot player announcement videos for the Club. My favourite has to be the announcements of Matias Esquivel and Asanda Hadebe. That was ultimately what helped me to step out of my comfort zone and start being more creative. I walk out of this experience as a proud individual because of the contributions I made to the social media department. This experience has to be one for the books.”
RESEGO MOLELEKI - PRODUCTION INTERN Crafting Stories, One Frame at a Time.
“Being part of the Masandawana family has been an incredible experience. I eagerly anticipated immersing myself in the fascinating world of sports, gaining behind-the-scenes insights, and deepening my understanding of video production in sports. This journey has ignited a newfound passion for production, and I now thoroughly enjoy working in the sports field.”

“Working alongside Mr. Thato Ngwenya has been an invaluable experience. He was an excellent mentor, teaching and guiding me throughout the internship. Thanks to his mentorship, I developed a new set of skills I never imagined I would gain. His constant encouragement and recognition of my efforts boosted my confidence and motivated me to excel in my tasks. Having him as a mentor significantly improved my work ethic, as I was determined not to disappoint. Overall, the experience of being a production intern has been incredibly beneficial, and I will continue to use the skills I have developed.”
ERICA MATHYE - RESEARCH AND JOURNALISM INTERN From the running tracks and netball courts, straight to the pitch side. The tale of an athlete turned intern journalist.
“I have to admit, this whole experience has exceeded my expectations. In the words of Gen Zs and Gen Alphas, ‘it was giving what I ordered vs what I got’ and I definitely got way more than what I ordered. I came into this experience thinking I’d just be writing match previews and post-match reports. I’ve never been more wrong because there was so much more.”

“My role included doing research for the Pitchside Podcast, working with the Diski Team, conducting interviews, preparing for press conferences, signing up supporters for the fan zone and helping whoever needed help.
Each of these roles required a certain level of confidence, a quality I wasn't sure I possessed at the beginning. However, by understanding my responsibilities and receiving constant support from my superiors, I began to break out of my shell. This newfound confidence allowed me to tackle my work with greater assurance. I became more comfortable taking on challenges.”

“My highlight has to be working with the Diski Team and in the process, they have become family. I went from being Erica Mathye, ngwanyana wa style, to Erica Mathye, the communications go-to-person in the Diski Team, a big task, indeed. Of course, I felt like I was thrown into the deep end as a non-swimmer but what was comforting was that I had my mentor – who is the benchmark for me – Coach Themba as well as the technical team, to hold my hand throughout the experience. This experience is one I’ll never forget and will apply the lessons in the future .”
The Mamelodi Sundowns Live Limitless Internship Programme has once again proven its success in nurturing young talent. Lonwabo, Sithembiso, Delisiwe, Resego, and Erica all embarked on journeys of growth, acquiring valuable skills and forging connections within the Club and the passionate Yellow Nation. Their experiences showcase the program's ability to empower young people, not just professionally, but also personally, fostering confidence and a love for the beautiful game. The future is bright for these aspiring individuals, and Mamelodi Sundowns looks forward to witnessing their continued success stories.