Mamelodi Sundowns staff and Tiger Brands teamMAMELODI SUNDOWNS CELEBRATE 
Author: Erica MathyeWorld Food Day is celebrated across the globe every year on the 16th of October to raise awareness of issues related to hunger, food security, and malnutrition. The day is widely considered by over 150 countries worldwide and other organisations concerned with the quality and distribution of food. The global event recognises the need to eradicate hunger and poverty.
Last year's World Food Day saw Mamelodi Sundowns partner with Tiger Brands to donate groceries to Tshireletso Orphanage and Homebase Care Centre in Hamanskraal. The players, technical team, and staff from the Tshwane-based side, together with the Tiger Brands team, were hands-on with preparing food for the children, planting vegetables in their vegetable garden as well and donating groceries to the home that provides extensive support to children that are orphans and/or are heading households.
Nakedi Phala, Tiger Brands' Digital Strategist, explained the collaboration between Mamelodi Sundowns and Tiger Brands and the importance of celebrating World Food Day.
Lucas Ribeiro, Bathusi Aubaas, Nakedi Phala and Thapelo Morena"The pivotal role of us being here is under this year's theme for World Food Day, which is the importance of water. Many of my speeches today focused on how pivotal water is in general. In many communities, water is scarce and Hamanskraal has been having issues with water. What we did here today is not going to uplift just Tshireletso, but the entire community," he said.

He continued and said: "When we had a chat with Mamelodi Sundowns about this partnership, we thought it would be a great idea to have two big giants, Mamelodi Sundowns and Tiger Brands, collaborating to highlight the importance of food and water. Efforts like this are of great importance because together we were able to achieve more in contrast to doing it alone. It is evident that when two giants collaborate, they can do great things."
Thapelo MorenaThe founder of the home, Rose Molomo, who is passionate about helping those in need, expressed her gratitude for the recognition Tshireletso received from Masandawana and Tiger Brands.

"Your presence here made a huge difference not just for me, but for the children and the community at large. Your arrival here dramatically changed everything. It's been a while since we received such assistance. Seeing a large group from Mamelodi Sundowns being involved in this project warmed my heart. I am overwhelmed by what was done today and I appreciate it. Of all the places you could have chosen in Hamanskraal, you chose us," she said.

To conclude the program conducted on the day, the Set Play Coach of Mamelodi Sundowns, Micheal Loftman, touched on the significance of having the Mamelodi Sundowns team participate in such initiatives.
MSFC Live Limitless Intern"It is really important for us to use days like World Food Day to remember that not everyone is fortunate and use that to go out and support communities that don't have the privileges that we have. At Mamelodi Sundowns, we highlight the importance of us giving back and for players to continue doing that work outside of the club," he concluded.