Author: Lonwabo MakhaluzaIt’s still a beautiful mystery how African music can be so diverse in sound due to diverse cultural disparities that inspire it but yet so powerful in that diversity to the extent that the unique African rhythm remains constant. 
Maybe that’s why it is very easy for Africans to vibe to the different sounds in unique ways that create a uniform African rhythm. What is special about the African Music scene is how different cultures can come together, making a wonderful mix. Even with all these differences, the heart of African rhythm stays the same, connecting us through the diverse sounds that make up the continent's musical story a beautiful and rich story.
Cuddled in the heart of West Africa, the Ivory Coast boasts a rich and diverse musical landscape that resonates with the heartbeat of its people. From the lively beats of Coupé-décalé to the modern sounds of Zablazo and the timeless influence of Zugliibithy, Ivory Coast's music scene offers a vibrant tapestry of culture and creativity.
1. Coupé-décalé:The infectious rhythm of Coupé-décalé, a dance craze emanating from the Ivory Coast, echoes through the streets of francophone Africa. An upbeat and energetic genre, it reflects the exuberance and celebratory spirit ingrained in Ivorian culture.2. Zablazo:A fusion of modern Hip-Hop with American influences, Zablazo, also known as Ivory Coast Hip-Hop, embodies the contemporary musical scene. It speaks to the globalized nature of music, with artists seamlessly blending local and international sounds.3. Zugliibithy:Tracing its roots back to the 1970s, Zugliibithy represents a captivating mix that draws inspiration from Reggae music. This genre highlights the enduring influence of diverse musical traditions on Ivory Coast's evolving musical identity.Top 5 Musicians in the Top 100 Charts (2023):Ariel Sheney:
Demarier (17/100)
Yeke Yeke Ft. O'nel Nala (13/100)
Sweet Life (3/100)
Didi B:
En Haut Ft. Jr. Low, Tom Sir (1/100)
On a Prisballe (24/100)
Yeye Ft SDM (25/100)
GIMS (31/100)
Elow' N:
C'est Lent Ft Lil Jay (42/100)
Mon Bèbè Ft Santrinos Raphael, Jupiter Davibe (20/100)
Dosez Ft Didi B, Elow' N & Revolution (45/100)
Tiken Jah Fakoly:
I Can Hear (46/100)
Beau Continent Ft Dub Inc (93/100)
Braquage de Pouvoir (83/100)
Serge Beynaud:
Colours Ft Garçon Djandjou (74/100)
Abacou Ft. Aboutou Roots (71/100)
Current Top Albums/LP/EP:
Didi B:
History (Mojontrône ll) album
Depuis Que J'ai (album)
Ariel Sheney:
Mutation (album)
Elow' N:
Le Retour de la Pierra (album)
Goat (EP)
Tiken Jah Fakoly:
Braquage de Pouvoir (album)
Serge Beynaud:
Accelerate (album)
Top Hits by Artists Mentioned Above:
Didi B - Depuis Que J'ai l'Argent (2,292,612 plays on Spotify)
Ariel Sheney - Amina (1,537,749 plays on Spotify)
Elow' N - Doucement Oh!! - Le Resources de la Pierra (812,655 plays on Spotify)
Tiken Jah Fakoly - Africa à Paris (16,409,170 plays on Spotify)
Serge Beynaud - C'est Dosè (3,278,130 plays on Spotify)
AFCON Theme Song:
Welcome Ft. Didi B, Serge Beynaud & Rosline Layo
Artists' Social Media IG Handles:
Didi B - @didibofficial
Ariel Sheney - @sheney_officiel
Elow' N - @elown_kiffnobeat
Tiken Jah Fakoly - @tikenjahfakolyofficeil
Serge Beynaud - @sergebeynaud